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Poem: “Don’t boogie down”

I don’t want to go low.

So low that I reach your level.

So low that I lose myself.

I don’t want to boogie down your way.

Or, hear what you have to say now.



Now that the dust has settled,

I’m so glad I didn’t boogie down your way.



Penned July 4, 2015
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Poem: “Bffs? I think not!!”

Who is this…?
Riding my coat tail
Won’t leave me alone
Must want me insane
Don’t speak my name

What is this…?
Bringing me to my knees
Pain all over me
Even hurts to breathe
I need a reprieve

Why is this…?
My lot in life
Over run with strife
Just can’t get right
All the fuss I fight

How did this…?
Come to be
That STRESS is here
Perturbing me
Hanging around….

But, it’s NO Bff to me!

Penned June 17, 2016
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Poem: “I want a Lover” 

I want a lover that never forgets that we could’ve made other choices but chose to be together.
…a lover that feels crazy blessed to be with me and have my attention.
…a lover who’s willing to go deeper, higher, farther just to make me smile.
…a lover that’s willing to get uncomfortable, to go past “just me” seeking to edify “we.”
…a lover who makes me feel like a giddy school girl and a mature woman all at the same time.
…a lover that makes me smile even through the toughest of circumstances and darkest of days.
…a lover who calms my fears and eases my pain.
…a lover that’s proud and privileged about sharing in each other’s gains.
…a lover that’s fierce and gentle, hype and calm, energetic and peaceful, tender and strong.
…a lover in whom I find tremendous joy, honesty, loyalty, protection, security.
…a lover that uplifts and lays me down to sleep.
…a lover who doesn’t mind “doing nothing” and just being in my presence.

I want a lover to whom I can reciprocate all these things and more. Most of all,  I want to BE this type of lover.


Penned August 14, 2015
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Poem: “Where Am I Now?”

At risk of rejection
Dared to try
Love again

Enjoyed the journey
Somehow it swerved
A sudden demotion
Abject emotion

On the brink of pain
Almost ashamed
Some patterns the same
Each holding blame

Damn heart of mine
This is going to hurt
No speeding through pain
Only slow and steady works

Required rejuvenation
Many lessons inherent
Return to the sacred

What was loved is lost
And I remain
To love and be loved again

Penned June 16 2016
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Dr. Shenell’s – Waiting Room Workout

It can be very stressful to manage the behavior of young children ANYWHERE, but especially within a medical office.

Today, a mother and her two children (ages 2 and 3) came to the clinic for annual physicals, but needed to complete the red-tape process prior to being seen. While she talked to insurance reps on the phone, her children were initially engaged with toys, crayons, and coloring sheets. However, that didn’t last long.  Soon they were running around everywhere!

As a mental health provider in a medical clinic (i.e., “integrated care” environment), I see situations like this all the time.

Moms|Dads|Caregivers doing their best to simultaneously attend to the children and insurance eligibility checks, phone calls with reps, and visit registration procedures. Depending on the current energy level and stimulation needs of the child, the registration process can be relatively easy or a complete nightmare.  Sensing that we were heading into ‘complete nightmare’ zone, I came out of my office and engaged with the children.

We sang, cleaned up crayons and coloring sheets, and danced. This soon morphed into a full-on exercise session.


It was a quick, effective workout!

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Push ups
  • Running in place
  • Knee lifts
  • Arm stretches
  • Leg stretches
  • Touching toes
  • Reaching toward the sky
  • Twisting
  • Turning
  • Breathing
  • Making animal noises (I do a mean elephant!)
  • Giving High-5s
  • Smiling
  • Laughing!!!!!!!!

The results were awesome:

  1. The kids expended some of their pinned up energy.
  2. Mom was able to focus and handle her business with a smile on her face!
  3. Office staff were able to keep calm, laugh, and even suggest our next moves.
  4. The kids went into the exam room calmer and possibly more cooperative. Well, until it was time for shots 🙁 

An entrepreneur and idealist-at-heart, I could envision a new genre of medical care. Concurrent daycare is nice. But concurrent fitness sessions is even better!! Tire them out BEFORE they head to the waiting/exam room, lol!

Truth be told, those kids had me moving more than I have in a few weeks (strike that, it’s more like several months). I needed that. We helped one another.