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Poem: “I want a Lover”Β 

I want a lover that never forgets that we could’ve made other choices but chose to be together.
…a lover that feels crazy blessed to be with me and have my attention.
…a lover who’s willing to go deeper, higher, farther just to make me smile.
…a lover that’s willing to get uncomfortable, to go past “just me” seeking to edify “we.”
…a lover who makes me feel like a giddy school girl and a mature woman all at the same time.
…a lover that makes me smile even through the toughest of circumstances and darkest of days.
…a lover who calms my fears and eases my pain.
…a lover that’s proud and privileged about sharing in each other’s gains.
…a lover that’s fierce and gentle, hype and calm, energetic and peaceful, tender and strong.
…a lover in whom I find tremendous joy, honesty, loyalty, protection, security.
…a lover that uplifts and lays me down to sleep.
…a lover who doesn’t mind “doing nothing” and just being in my presence.

I want a lover to whom I can reciprocate all these things and more. Most of all,  I want to BE this type of lover.


Penned August 14, 2015
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Poem: “Where Am I Now?”

At risk of rejection
Dared to try
Love again

Enjoyed the journey
Somehow it swerved
A sudden demotion
Abject emotion

On the brink of pain
Almost ashamed
Some patterns the same
Each holding blame

Damn heart of mine
This is going to hurt
No speeding through pain
Only slow and steady works

Required rejuvenation
Many lessons inherent
Return to the sacred

What was loved is lost
And I remain
To love and be loved again

Penned June 16 2016
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Poem: “I really do”

I wish you happiness.

I really do.

I wish you joy that’s unspeakable.

I really do.

I wish you love that’s genuinely, sacrificially unconditional.

I really do.

I wish you ease in returning that same kind of love to your partner.

I really do.

I wish you prosperity of heart and spirit that overflows.

I really do.

I wish you success in finding all the things I could not do or be for you.

I really do.



Because I no longer wish for things like this.

Now I possess great love, joy, and happiness, and they have freed me.

Freed me to the Point of NO Return to the pain, regrets, stress, and bitterness of the past.

See when I wish you the best, it’s with the utmost sincerity.

I wish you the best in all you are AND in all you do.

I really do.

(Penned August 13 2016)