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Coaching or Therapy???

Decisions, decisions!

It’s often difficult to know where we fall on the spectrum of life.

There’s our ideal self and our actual self. Most of the time, the two are NOT aligned. Moreover,Β we tend to live in the past, future, or somewhere haphazardly in between. A proper assessment can mean the world of difference.

You can get that from the comfort of your own home!

Would you benefit most from Coaching or Psychotherapy?

ScheduleΒ a secure chat w/ Dr. Shenell!

After our initial session, you will be provided specific, personalized suggestions based on what’s best for you.


I am licensed to practice psychology in New York state and can treat clients that reside in New York. *Note, the video consultation does not imply a psychotherapeutic relationship.*

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Blogging Flashbacks

According to WordPress, this is my first blog post πŸ™‚

Well, yay me! For finally getting back onto/into the interwebs. My blogging peaked in 2012 when I worked with the Black AIDS Institute to cover the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC. I attempted to sustain while on post-doc at the HIV Center (Columbia University), but as the years passed blogging became a distant memory.

I’m about to become ONE with this blog, and I’m excited. Stay tuned.

I’ll be posting here and sharing to other outlets, like Medium.