Expected Outcomes

During the course of therapy, adults can expect decreases in their distress level and increases in their self-esteem. They will feel support and relief, fostering a sense of life satisfaction. They will enjoy being around others again as they begin to trust themselves, and experience increased tolerance of their own physical sensations and emotional reactions. They will be able to communicate effectively in order to get their needs met. Their daily functioning will be greatly enhanced; as they will know how to select and apply appropriate coping strategies for the situation at hand. They will no longer sabotage their own success.


Younger clients can expect decreases in social and emotional pain and suffering. They will learn about the different components of emotions, how emotions are expressed in our bodies and minds, how to communicate their feelings to others, and how to alleviate physical tension experienced due to different emotional states. They will be able to identify and better respond to other people’s emotions. There will be improvements in their self-esteem, self-confidence, and relationships with peers and caregivers.  They will discover their inner strength, build their coping resources, and learn how to seek support from others.