Dr. Shenell’s Approach

I’ve dubbed myself as a Resilience & Growth Psychologist

My approach involves cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance-based behavior therapy, as well as mind-body and expressive arts interventions. Also, I have advanced training in applied positive psychology. 

I’m especially passionate about working with women and girls who are living with chronic illness and all that it brings (i.e., anxiety, stress, depression, even treatment fatigue).

In my practice, I strive to highlight relative strengths and help clients better understand areas of weakness. By assessing both strengths and weakness, a more complete profile of each individual is possible.  

We often ask ourselves “Why?” I help with that question.  I also challenge and support my clients to emerge from the “Why Zone” and move into the practicality of how she can support herself as she grows and develops.

Quite frankly, I feel really good as a strengths-based practitioner. It aligns with my core. I illuminate what’s done well, aid clients in acknowledging and accepting what isn’t going so well, and offer my expertise to help them craft solutions.  Sometimes psychotherapy feels burdensome. So rather than harp incessantly on negatives, we work together to leverage strengths as we address areas of improvement. 

Furthermore, who wants to spend time discussing their faults without knowing that “my doctor see me for who I am and not just what I’ve done”? I believe that once individuals feel sufficiently seen, they are willing to open up and be vulnerable. This is quite powerful! And, it is only after this that folks will allow their vulnerabilities to be poked and prodded at.