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Life Coaching or Therapy?

Decisions, decisions!

It’s often difficult to know where we fall on the spectrum of life.  But it’s clear that we’re stuck, unhappy, and/or unfulfilled. How does this happen?

Well, there’s our ideal self and our actual self. Unless we are very intentional, much of the time the two are NOT aligned. So we tend to live in the past, future, or somewhere haphazardly in between.

Want to get UNSTUCK?

A proper assessment can mean a world of difference.  Don’t delay any longer. Knock down the first/toughest barrier and reach out for SUPPORT. 

Schedule a FREE 20-min chat w/ Dr. Shenell

Dr. Shenell will share her initial impressions of your “best” next steps. 

Life Coaching with Dr. Shenell

After your chat, you can schedule an intake session (detailed life assessment).  At the end of the intake, you will receive personalized suggestions on how you can partner with Dr. Shenell to move your life forward.

Psychotherapy with Dr. Shenell: 

Any therapist must be licensed in the state where the client resides. Dr. Shenell is fully licensed to practice psychology in New York State (NYS). Therefore, her psychotherapy clients can be from anywhere as long as it’s in NYS.

*Note, the free consultation does not imply a psychotherapeutic relationship.



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