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Poem: “I really do”

I wish you happiness.

I really do.

I wish you joy that’s unspeakable.

I really do.

I wish you love that’s genuinely, sacrificially unconditional.

I really do.

I wish you ease in returning that same kind of love to your partner.

I really do.

I wish you prosperity of heart and spirit that overflows.

I really do.

I wish you success in finding all the things I could not do or be for you.

I really do.



Because I no longer wish for things like this.

Now I possess great love, joy, and happiness, and they have freed me.

Freed me to the Point of NO Return to the pain, regrets, stress, and bitterness of the past.

See when I wish you the best, it’s with the utmost sincerity.

I wish you the best in all you are AND in all you do.

I really do.

(Penned August 13 2016)

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